4 Apps That Tell You Which Celebrity You Look Like


It is said that there are seven people in the world who look exactly like you. So, there is a high possibility that you look a lot like some famous celebrity. Even if you are not one of the seven who look like the particular celebrity, you probably have many features in common with him/her! Often, we find people telling us that we look like a celebrity. It’s human nature to make a visual connection with people that are famous.

Now, using a range of apps that tell you who you look like, it is possible to find out what celebrity you can pass off as. Some popular apps that make use of a picture provided by you, to find your celebrity twin are:

Who Do I Look Like – Celebrity

This App is only available for iOS on the App Store. It makes use of Amazon machine learning to match your selfie with more than a thousand celebrities. You can choose from various categories such as TV star or Hollywood starts to narrow down your search. Once you have the app, you can try getting any number of results with different pictures.

What Celebrity Do I Look Like

This Matching app tries to find a celebrity that you resemble, either in appearance or style, or even in personality traits. The What Celebrity Do I Look like App needs you to first answer a few questions so that it can match your answers to the answers of celebrities present in the database. It also compares the style, characteristics and appearance of your persona against those of the celebrities. The questions asked are general in nature about your interests and hobbies.

Celeb Like Me:

This app allows you to find your look-alike celebrity from any field. You can choose whether you want to search for the celebrity in a specific region or anywhere in the world. There is a collection of close to 40,000 celebrities from across the world and you can almost always find a fairly close match using the app.


This app includes celebrities from the fields of music, movies and modelling. The list extends to a variety of other fields as well. All you need to do upload is a photo that you wish to compare, and the app will take care of the rest. You can share the results with your friends through social media platforms directly from the app.

Photo2Celeb – Celebrity Identifier

If you believe that you look like a celebrity you have come across somewhere, but are not familiar with them, you can upload a picture of yourself on this app. It will sift through the entire database and find the best match. ‘Photo2Celeb – Celebrity Identifier’ makes use of AI and face detection to give the closest possible results.

With so many apps available, you can find what celebrity looks like you. Share the information with your friends and become a celebrity amongst your loved ones!


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