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Films you should never watch if you’re afraid of flying in planes

Having bought cheap UK flights, a person certainly feels pleased, but a few small mistakes can totally ruin all the joy, and convert your pleasant your journey into an unpleasant and horrific experience.

To get the best possible start with your trip, it is always important to ensure that you book cheap business class tickets through reliable agencies, and then the next concern is to ensure that the flight is comfortable. Don’t leave anything till the last moment, and good food, beverages, your favorite music and movies that you view are the important factors to make the experience of your flight travel a pleasant one.

Watching Negative Movies Can Make You Feel Uncomfortable

One can while away the time even quicker on flight by watching an enjoyable movie, but if one gets stuck with a real bad film, then the trip will seem lengthier and even more uncomfortable. Some movies are suggested not to be watched and avoided on flights at all costs. Two such movies that top this list are Con-Air and Catch Me If You Can.

When travelling in flights, people generally feel extremely apprehensive. So, it needs to be made sure that people don’t spend most of their time watching “Snakes on a Plane”. Though this movie was a big hit, it will get squirming not just Samuel L Jackson fans in their seats, if they choose to watch this film on the in-flight entertainment system.


Another film that should be avoided on plane is Con-Air. The big screen blockbuster Nicolas Cage is one high octane thriller that involves a group of prisoners hijacking a flight. While in seat, people do not need to be reminded constantly about the threats associated with hijacking and potential disasters that can happen. People may start wondering about the person seated next to them, and start panicking with their delusions after seeing such scary movies.

Catch Me If You Can

The movies like “Catch Me If You Can” have an innocent title, but a lot of stuff to fry your brains off. So, they should be avoided while you’re travelling in a flight. This film is based around the story of a pilot featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, who is just qualified to fly.

And, if passengers watch this film on the flight, it is quite possible that they will be worried about the capability of the pilot who is currently controlling the plane. Also during trans-Atlantic flights, emotionally touching movies like Alive should be avoided. The film is about a plane crash in a remote area somewhere in the Andes Mountains. The survivors, wreckage, and all the passengers somehow manage to withstand the plane-crash and turn to cannibalism for their survival.

Thus, while on a flight, people should choose to spend their time by choosing entertaining movies, and ditch the ones mentioned above, so as to ensure a positive frame of mind throughout the journey.

Nice Intentional Movies to Watch on a Flight

Some of the good movies that you may consider watching on the flight are –

  • Malaysia – Entrapment (1999)
  • In Bruges (2008)
  • Roman Holiday (1953)
  • Jamaica – Dr. No (1962)
  • Invictus (2009)

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